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Aatr4- Character Sheet- Gaius by sanr4
Aatr4- Character Sheet- Gaius
Name: Gaius
Age: Old
Sex: Male
Species: Saber tooth
Height: 8ft at shoulder
Weight: Roughly 8,000 LBS
Strength’s: Physical size, strength, claws, teeth, seasoned fighter
Weaknesses,  low stamina, medium intelligence, pride

Before Aatr:
Not long after Gaius was born his mother abandoned him and his siblings. His younger brother dies of starvation. He met his sister many years later in battle. He did not recognize her until her blood covered his maw. After that Gaius spent many years of his long life wandering many lands. He has fought many battles and seen so many die. But the old saber was young once and loved once. The young Gaius fell in love with a cave lioness. Their love was taboo and un heard of but the warrior didn’t care. The lioness was extricated from her pride to be with him and Gaius left his army. It didn’t take long before they were gifted with three beautiful cubs. Two males and one female. Gaius was a happy father and cared for his children fiercely teaching his sons to be great warriors while his daughter learned to be a huntress from her mother. One faithful day when his mate and daughter were out to bring their family a great feast to mark the cub’s coming of age the two females were taken down by Human hunters. Gaius learned of his loved one’s demise when both him and his sons wandered upon their remains, skinned for their pelts. The sight was gruesome and too much for the three males , together they raided the human village and only Gaius limped from the smoke. In his haste and anger he had lost his two sons. After their deaths Gaius asked the gods for help, they took pity on such a little beast with so much sorrow and simply made him larger. Gaius then cursed the gods for their stupidity. They then cursed him to live forever and always live with his sadness.

-Gaius is "immortal" and huge, but he is not the quickly healing invincible immortal, just any injury he gets seems to heal with time.

-From that moment on Gaius indulged himself in to battle, the only thing he had left. Refusing to die so that he, will remain alive to remember his story.

-Gaius now holds an immense hatred for all humans, and goes near insane at the sight of animal fur, especially red and near white.

After Aatr:
After the first Aatr Gaius was left being in the real by his creator. she spent the next two years searching for her only to briefly find her again when Aatr2 happened. She had no memory of the cat at the time but he still stood beside her. She was quickly returned to the real world not making the cut in to the tournament and once again Gaius was left behind. Now he wanders the real waiting for her to come back again. The signs are appearing that another tournament has begun but he was not so lucky during the third tournament as to find her, will the fourth be different?

Short comic between aatr 1 and aatr 2…

Need to see more Gaius? Why not check out this handy dandy..... folder-completely-devoted-to-him…
AATR 4 character Sheet. -Artist - Sanr4 by sanr4
AATR 4 character Sheet. -Artist - Sanr4
I'm sure I will have to add more to this one later but expediency was the goal.. 

Voice: More of a deep female voice, Tom boy and so on. I will try to find an acres later.

Summoning tools:
My summoning tools are two plushies that I commissioned of my characters. I plan on posting real pictures later.

Gaius: plush Gaius is adorable with a Permian grump face. His coloration is the same as Gaius, until recently when the star guide fused with him and turned him shades of blue with a star over his left eye. Gaius plush was made by the fabulous Fox7XD.

Crona Plush: Crona plush is also the same coloration of the standard crona. His proportions are hilariously off. His head is very large compared to his body. He has Armitage and can stand on his own. Oh and he is also crocheted not sewn.

General sizes (ignore the bird guy :p)…
I got my AATR4 audition done in 24 hours *feint* now all I n33d to do is my character sheets :p
Aatr4- Audition 7 by sanr4
Aatr4- Audition 7
*feints* standard proportions? what are thooooooooose? (Ugh being a teacher keeps me "up to date" on memes....)

Now all I need is to finish my character sheets... in 3 days....

Vance (c) to



Character sheets:
Crona Avi:
Come chat, you may get some free art, IDK. I am trying to be social!


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